The Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat is an established annual tradition drawing thousands of tourists from all over the world to enjoy dozens of shows given by international and local ensembles at one of the most exciting music festivals in the world.

The first local jazz festival to take place in Eilat's vacation capital was held on October 31, 1987, under the banner of "Jazz at the Red Sea." The music festival hosted dozens of jazz artists from Israel and abroad who played at the city port against the blue backdrop of the Red Sea. Since then, the festival has grown into a noted event for jazz aficionados from all over the world, drawing thousands to Israel's southernmost city every year.

The Red Sea Jazz Festival is generally held in the last week of August over the course of four days. About a dozen international and a dozen local ensembles perform each night. The performances, which are given at hotels throughout the city, are followed by jam sessions lasting till dawn at which local and international artists can improvise and mingle.

The artists playing at the festival usually offer master classes and workshops to their fans. In 2011, the city instituted its Winter Jazz Festival, and in recent years the winter event has begun to incorporate world music to widen its appeal. As a consequence, the number of participants and tourists has grown from one year to the next.

Among the famous artists who've appeared at Eilat's jazz events are Grammy-winner Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Michael Leonard Brecker, Herbie Hancock, Michel Petrucciani, Charlie Haden, Hiromi Uehara, John Scofield, and many others.

People coming these international jazz events can enjoy everything else the city has to offer during their stay. In the mornings, the Red Sea beaches are an obvious choice, but desert excursions and day trips to Jordan and Egypt are also great options. In the afternoon, come back to the city, listen to first-rate music, and dine, drink, and dance the night away.