Eilat is the best place along the Red Sea shore to enjoy a great party with nightlong dancing and drinking. It is therefore not surprising that Israel's vacation capital hosts several electronic music festivals throughout the year that draw tens of thousands of the young and young-at-heart to dance until dawn against the majestic backdrop of the Eilat Mountains and the Gulf of Eilat.

During the day, Eilat is a tranquil town, allowing vacationers to relax along the soothing beaches and the tourist areas overlooking the calm turqoise waters. At night, however, the city becomes a boisterous center for parties and fun, with DJs blasting their speakers at thousands of happy party-goers, playing electronic music till the wee hours of the morning.

Local and international DJs come to Eilat every year to play several events, the most prominent of which are the electronic music Deep Sea Festival and Iboga Weekend. These well-known events, held in the winter, offer three days of fantastic parties in the heart of nature that begin in the late afternoon or early evening. The festivals take place outdoors against the gorgeous setting of the desert, which blends seamlessly with the loud electronic music blasting from the speakers.

Other than these festivals, there are several events in Eilat that cater to young party-goers whose consistent theme is partying in nature to electronic music. The Funjoya Festival, held annually at several clubs and catering to university and college students, is one of the city's most famous festival. On the weekends of the festival, the city fills with young people who tend to rest by day and party by night as if there's no tomorrow. DJs from Israel and abroad play against incredible light shows and excite the audience dancing to world electronic music in the incredible setting Eilat offers thanks to its location.

In addition to the various events and festivals, Eilat is home to several lively nightclubs playing contemporary electronic music until day break, such as Selena and Crazy Elephant. There are several pubs and dance bars throughout the city playing electronic music at least one night a week, generally over the weekend when Eilat fills with young people.