The skyline of Israel's vacation capital is full of glittering, deluxe hotels, but they're not suited to everyone. Many visitors prefer quality, lower-cost accommodations at the hostels in town, leaving their wallets fuller for shopping and entertainment.

Eilat offers such tourists accommodations of every kind. The city has many deluxe 4- and 5-star hotels, some of which offer all-inclusive deals. Visitors looking for less pricey options can find rooms in one of the many budget hotels and hostels that won't break the bank. Eilat's hotels vary and are suited to every type of holiday. There are hotels that cater to backpackers and adults only, romantic hotels offering getaways for couples, youth hostels, and other types of hostels. No matter what type of accommodations you're looking for, you'll find a selection of places to stay that are just right for you.

Eilat is famous for its deluxe beachfront hotels, but if you don't want to spend a lot on a hotel, you can definitely come and find low-cost accommodations at a hotel or hostel you find suitable. The hostels in Eilat are of high quality compared to hostels elsewhere in the world. Almost all accommodations in Eilat are spacious and air conditioned, and feature a lobby, swimming pool, TV, a tourist information desk, and a lovely breakfast.

There are many budget hotels in central locations within walking distance of shopping and entertainment centers, making it easy to get around by cab or bike or on foot. Those willing to share their sleeping quarter, can enjoy a very wide range of fantastic apartment rentals. You can book a place using international booking sites, such as,, and

Overnighting in Eilat offers tourists from all over the world the chance to enjoy a fantastic seaside resort town with lively nightlife, bountiful restaurants, and enticing beaches, as well as easy access to both Jordan and Egypt, day trips to Petra, Aqaba, Taba, the Blue Hole, and Ras Muhammad. Many visitors choose to go on day trips to Jordan and Egypt and come back to Eilat for a night of fun, drinking and dancing till dawn.