Pita'le- a Pita Paradise Eilat

Savor the Flavor of Cloud Pita Street Food Buffet

Pita'le-Pita Paradise is a street food buffet located on HaTmarim Blvd. in Eilat. Here, you can relish a menu of grilled meaty delights served in fresh pita bread, accompanied by grilled vegetables, tahini, amba, and a zesty salad comprising cabbage, radish, and parsley with a hint of curry-spiced onions. The menu features special dishes such as "Khatcha" - spring chicken stuffed cloud pita in our signature marinade, "Yachalaulau Mix", and "Matrazel" - succulent ribeye steak, among others. Don't forget to try our unique sour dish - sliced gherkins wrapped in crispy panko. Pital'e Eilat also offers a selection of delectable vegan-friendly veggie dishes, prepared separately and served in whole-grain pita bread. The establishment strictly adheres to kosher dietary guidelines.


Hatmarim 37, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 - 00:00