The Red Sea is one of the most famous and attractive tourist destinations in the world. Millions of visitors from every part of the globe come to the shores of the Red Sea to enjoy the myriad aquatic attractions, deluxe hotels, extraordinary holiday resorts, including some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world, and particularly the feeling of real freedom and relaxation it's so easy to get addicted to. Introducing the Red Sea!

The Red Sea is the name of the biblical Reed Sea mentioned in the bible in the context of the parting of the sea. The sea is intercontinental, in fact an extension of the Indian Ocean, which connects – artificially, via the Suez Canal – with the Mediterranean. Eight nations have Red Sea coasts: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, and Yemen. Covering an area of 438,000 square km, its maximal depth is 2,221 m. It's one of the four seas named for colors, the others being the Black Sea, the White Sea, and the Yellow Sea. The color red is associated with this sea because of the reflection of the reddish desert mountains rising along both of its long shores, which creates the effect of red-tinted water when seen from above.

Although the Gulf of Eilat represents only one percent of the Red Sea, it's arguably its most important area together with the other inlets of water running down the coast of Sinai all the way to Sharm a-Sheikh. In this segment of the Red Sea, there are thousands of fish, invertebrates, and corals in every color of the rainbow. Despite the Red Sea's extreme salinity – 40 percent or so – and the cool water temperature (less than 20°C in the winter), underwater life, especially near the Eilat shoreline, is fascinating, rich, and varied, partly because of Israel's determined efforts to preserve this natural wonderland. These efforts have made the Eilat coral reef into one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world.

Water sports: Along the Eilat shoreline, visitors may find beaches offering many attractions and activities, both calm and intense. There's something virtually every tourist can incorporate into a visit to the city and take back home as an unforgettable experience, from a laid-back yacht ride to an extreme adventure. Taking a break from your break and instead going for a rush of adrenalin isn't a bad idea at all…

Diving in the Red Sea: Eilat is ranked among the most beautiful diving locations in the world with the most attractive diving sites. The relatively comfortable weather year-round and the cool waters have created an ideal zone for divers from all over the world, drawn to the magnetic beauty of the enchanted underwater world existing side-by-side with Eilat's golden sands. Many divers vacationing in Eilat opt to cross the border with Egypt for a day trip of diving at the Blue Hole (aka the Blue Lagoon) and Ras Muhammad, then coming back to spend the night in the city.

Surfing at the Red Sea: The comfortable weather year-round coupled with the low humidity and constant north-northeastern wind have made the area a site of pilgrimage for surfers from all over the world coming to enjoy the water and surf along the Red Sea shores. Eilat hosts several surf clubs where visitors can take a class or course suiting all levels of experience and ability. The options include kitesurfing, windsurfing, and SAP (standup paddle-boarding). As luck would have it, Eilat has several shops where visitors can purchase and rent advanced, high-quality surfing equipment.

Beaches along the Red Sea: Eilat's shoreline extends down 12 beautiful, tourist-friendly kilometers, equipped with all the beach amenities – chaises, sunshades, showers, and bathrooms. There are also handicapped-accessible beaches and many spots where water sports can be enjoyed by all. The warm weather provides ample opportunities for a vacation where the greatest physical effort visitors engage in is turning from front to back and back to front as they soak up the sun in front of the enticing turquoise waters even in the winter.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea: Diving with a snorkel in the Red Sea is one of the most popular activities in Eilat and other Red Sea locations. There's no need for heavy, expensive scuba diving equipment to enjoy the vivid world pulsing with life just under the surface of the water. You can simply grab goggles or a face mask to get a glimpse of the fascinating, colorful creatures of the Red Sea. The shoreline offers many shallow spots ideal for snorkeling, giving visitors a unique perspective on the Red Sea.

Sailing the Red Sea: The Red Sea is the perfect place for any kind of sailing. Eilat's lagoon offers many varied trips geared to couples, families, and groups. It is also possible to plan outings catered to individual tastes and interests. Most of the sailing trips include guided explanations of the region, observations of the neighboring countries, and stops for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, and diving at choice locations. There are also the famous glass-bottomed boats that give visitors a front-row seat to see the underwater riches of the Gulf of Eilat without having the need to get wet. Couples may enjoy a romantic, sun-set cruise featuring an exquisite dinner during which they can see the sun paint the Red Sea a vivid orange.