Eilat is a gorgeous destination in its own right – tempting beaches, deluxe hotels, fun activities, and lively nightlife. But its location makes it ideal also as a base for day trips within Israel and to the countries nearby – Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Many tourists from all over the world choose Eilat to be their base for exciting day trips to Red Sea and other Middle East destinations. Eilat is located at a point where Israel, Jordan, and Egypt converge, and many visitors to the MIddle East refuse to forego overnights in Eilat, dipping in the Red Sea, discount shopping, and more. Eilat is surrounded by uniquely formed mountains and deserts, offering dozens of beautiful ATV and hiking routes for every fitness level. One of the most popular routes near Eilat is Nahal Amir, which links Amram's Pillars – a spectacular natural rock formation – with the breathtaking Nahal Shehoret. Visitors walk through the dry river bed of massive granite boulders whose walls are shaded in gleaming red hues left by mineral deposits from the time water flowed there.

Families can enjoy walking the route in the Evrona Arava Nature Reserve, located between the Edomite Mountains and and Mount Amram. The hike offers many points of interest, especially the stands of thousands of tropical doum palms. We recommend going to the top of Mount Yehoram, which is reachable by car, not just an exhausting hike. The observation point at Mount Yehoram is one of the most beautiful in the region, offering a view of Eilat's hotels merging harmoniously with the waters of the blue bay. On clear days, visitors have excellent views also of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. This is one of the only observation points in the region providing visitors a simultaneous view of all four countries. We recommend visiting the observation point at dawn, or at dusk if you prefer a more romantic experience.

Those wanting to travel farther from the city can visit a range of sites throughout southern Israel, such as Mitzpeh Ramon, which overlooks the Ramon Crater (150 km from Eilat). The Dead Sea, the lowest spot on Earth and famous for its minerals and healing properties, is another recommended destination for a day trip from Eilat (200 km). Closer points of interest within Israel are the Middle Arava (113 km), an area offering highly developed farm-based tourism located on the Spice Way, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Timna Park (30 km), famous in Israel for it nature and fun activities. Jerusalem is about 300 km from Eilat.

The closest city is Aqaba, Jordan (15 km from Eilat), which offers many restaurants, cafés, golden beaches, and sites of historic importance. From Aqaba, it is easy to reach the Jordan-Saudi Arabia border crossing (42 km from Eilat) as well as destinations in northern Jordan, the most famous of which is Petra, also known as Red Rock and Rose City, one of the wonders of the universe (130 km from Eilat). Another archeological and historical site worth visiting is Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, considered Jordan's second most important tourist site (80 km). Amman, Jordan's captial, is 330 km from Eilat.

The Yitzhak Rabin Arava Border Crossing, the land border between Israel and Jordan, is located about 3 km north of Eilat. The border crossing fee is NIS 107 on the Israeli side and US $15 on the Jordanian side each way.

From Eilat, it is also easy to reach Egypt, Israel's southern neighbor. The Menahem Begin Border Crossing to Taba is located at Eilat's southernmost point, a 10-min ride from the city center. Taba Terminal can be reached by taxi or by Egged bus line 15, which departs from Eilat’s Central Bus Station every half hour (ticket price: NIS 4.20). At the border, it is necessary to pay NIS 107 on the Israeli side plus another E£ 400 (~NIS 80) on the Egyptian side.

The Sinai Peninsula offers a wealth of attractions drawing visitors year-round. The casinos of the Taba hotels, located within walking distance of Eilat and the border, are full of people trying their luck. Scuba diving and snorkeling fans go further south to Dahab and the Blue Lagoon (also called the Blue Hole), one of the most desirable diving destinations in the world. Saint Catherine's Monastery, the oldest monastery in the world, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. According to the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the monastery is located at the foot of Jabel Musa (literally 'Mount Moses,' called Mount Sinai or Mount Horeb in the Jewish tradition) where God gave Moses the Tablets of the Law (192 km). Other beloved spots are the Sinai beaches dotting the whole Red Sea coastline – from Taba, through Nueiba, to the tourist center of Sharm al-Sheikh (225 km). From Eilat, you can also travel to Cairo, Egypt's capital, and the famous Giza pyramid complex (436 km).

The Eilat Ramon International Airport is located 20 km from the city center and offers domestic flights to Tel Aviv and Haifa as well as many European destinations from Moscow to Paris. Due to the lack of direct flights from Egypt and Jordan to Israel, cross-border travel in this part of the Middle East involves ground transportation (buses, private vehicles and on foot).