Family vacation or adventures with the gang? Shopping or tanning on the gorgeous beaches? A pampered experience in a deluxe hotel or a rugged desert outing? Eilat, undoubtedly Israel's vacation capital, offers a whole lot of everything. Every tourist arriving falls head over heels in love with the city right away.

Eilat is Israel's southernmost city and the country's only outpost on the shores of the Red Sea, which it shares with three other nations: Jordan and Egypt, which both have a land border with the city, and Saudi Arabia, whose shores are clearly visible from the mountains around Eilat and its southernmost beaches. As the country's vacation city par excellence, many Israelis insist on visiting Eilat at least once a year or, at the very least, going through it en route to neighboring destinations, when they incorporate an overnight there with a vacation in Sinai or a trip to Jordan.

Even those who decide not to stay over are happy to stop for a bit of shopping. Defined as a Free Trade Zone, shoppers are exempt from paying the country's 17% Value Added Tax, making prices much more attractive than elsewhere in Israel. There is virtually no end of things to do in Eilat. It offers attractions for the whole family, nightlife and an exciting club scene, golden subtropical beaches and pellucid water, and unique nature all around the city. It's perfect for a restful winter vacation and ideal for a fun-filled summer, replete with cultural events, fascinating history, and breathtaking vistas drawing visitors from all over the world. And, most importantly, it's a stone's throw away. So why should you consider Eilat when planning your next vacation?

Eilat offers a wealth of options, attractions, and activities, and is suitable to several types of vacations. The Red Sea is, of course, the main draw, as Eilat boasts the most beautiful beaches in Israel. Many of them offer a range of extreme water-sports, such as water-skiing, SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), swimming, and kite-surfing. Under the surface of the sea hides a rich kingdom it's easy to fall in love with – colorful, fascinating fish, corals, and other living creatures. Eilat, home to the northernmost coral reef in the world, offers snorkeling and scuba diving options for everyone, from rank beginners to advanced adventurers. No wonder it attracts visitors from all over the world who come expressly to dip in the waters of the Red Sea!

The city's nightlife is considered the liveliest in the country year-round, especially in the hot season when many events and festivals are held. Eilat is also considered a culinary capital. Boasting the entire gamut of restaurants – from fast food joints open till the crack of dawn to amazing gourmet chef eateries. The vacation capital is also a shopping paradise, combining uncompromising quality with low prices. It has several large shopping centers, offering local and international goods exempt from VAT. There are also many attractions for the kids, making the city ideal for a family vacation in Israel.

The range of hotels in Eilat is large. Many tourists pop down monthly to be pampered at a deluxe accommodations, and there are many 5-star hotels to choose from where guests are provided an all-inclusive experience. But there are many other options as well: budget establishments, youth hostels, vacation apartments, even glamping tents. Most of the range of options are located close to the beach and the city's northern boardwalk, considered the liveliest. However, it isn't hard to find quieter and more distant places to stay for those looking for a calm, relaxing getaway.

In addition to the city-based, Western-style vacations the city offers, Eilat's geographical location can be used for unique, adventurous nature treks in the desert and mountains. The many types of desert tours right outside Eilat and up to a one-hour drive from the city center have one thing in common: the breathtaking landscapes that do not exist anywhere else in Israel. The tall mountains afford impressive vantage points for observing the Red Sea and the spot where four nations – Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia – come together. There are hiking trails, from easy to challenging for both families and experienced trekkers to enjoy, with exciting surprises along all routes: archeological artefacts, natural rock formations, vast canyons, sudden streams, and glorious vegetation.

Eilat is the closest tourist destination for locals, and reaching the city is easy and convenient. Driving and bussing is possible from all cities in Israel, and flights regularly depart from Tel Aviv and Haifa, landing at the Eilat Ramon International Airport, which opened in 2019. The airport, located some 20 km north of the city, also serves many foreign airline companies running charter flights from all over Europe. Foreign tourists generally opt to sleep in the city and embark on day-trips to the desert and tourist centers in neighboring countries, such as Petra and Aqaba in Jordan, and the Blue Lagoon, the Saint Catherine's Monastery, and even the Giza pyramids in Egypt.

The weather in Eilat is sunny and summery even in winter. In the hot summer months when temperatures push the mercury high, the city is best suited for rest and relaxation, while in winter the temperatures are much more pleasant than elsewhere in Israel. In the winter, Eilat is the place to go for anyone who wants to get away from the cold and the rain and enjoy the sun and lovely warmth. It doesn't matter when or why you come to the city – a family vacation, a romantic weekend, a shopping spree, fun with friends, or just to relax on the beach – you can be sure to find what you're looking for in Eilat, Israel's vacation capital.