Imagine lying on golden sand across from gently lapping waves, enjoying the warming rays of the sun in the months of winter cold while most Israeli and European cities are blanketed by rain, fog, snow, or sleet, making any trip outdoors a chore rather than a pleasure.

Eilat's climate is warm and dry year-round, enjoying typical desert weather. The yearly rainfall is particularly scant, averaging a mere 22 mm. So it's rare to see rain in Eilat, and the humidity is always low – a not surprising, given the city's desert location. According to local residents, the city has only two season: the hot and the warm. In winter, when it's rainy and gloomy elsewhere in Israel, Eilat enjoys sunny days with an average temperature of 20°C during the day and 10°C overnight, making it an ideal getaway for anyone fed up with the cold and the damp, offering a comfortable, convenient, seaside holiday with a summer vibe.

Winter in Eilat, i.e. December through February, means 20-25°C during the day and very low probability of rain. This weather makes it possible for visitors to enjoy hikes in the Eilat Mountains, the Red Canyon, and any of the dozens of walking routes right outside the city, and of course to lie in comfort on the enticing shoreline of Eilat Bay, engage in a range of fun sports activities at any of the many amazing diving spots, or just dip in the cool water.

In winter, evening-time temperatures rarely dip below 10°C, making Eilat great for having a night on the town, discovering its many wonderful restaurants famous throughout the Middle East, sipping a cocktail at one of the many bars on the northern boardwalk or in the city center, or going on a shopping spree in any one of the many malls.

From March through the end of November, the weather is hot and summery, with average temperatures of 30°C in the day and 20°C at night. During the Israeli summer, i.e. June through August, the peak of Eilat's tourist season, temperatures climb to 40°C and more, and the beaches are full of foreign and Israeli visitors coming to tan and enjoy the waters of the Red Sea.

In the hot summer months, most of the action happens on the many beaches dotting the shoreline and in the many shopping centers and malls, such as the Mul Hayam Mall and the Ice Mall, featuring local and international brand name shops offering clothing, accessories, food, and many other goods – all VAT-free.

Although the city is always enticing and vacation-friendly, we recommend to hop down in April/May and September/October, which offer warm sunny days less sizzling than at summer's peak. The city is also less crowded then. Please note that most of the Jewish religious holidays occur during those months, and the city does fill up with vacationers for those weeks.