The skyline of Israel's vacation capital is full of glittering, deluxe hotels that somehow merge harmoniously with the red mountains and blue sea. The hotels in Eilat offer a pampering, enjoyable experience, giving your holiday a sumptuous feeling.

Most of Eilat's hotels are located in two areas: Hotel Row in the northeastern part of the city adjacent to the promenade and the beaches. This is where you'll find the exclusive, 5-star hotels and resorts for couples and families; the tourist center, across from Mul Hayam Mall at the northern edge of the promenade. Here you'll find the vacation apartments, youth hostels, hotels geared to the young, family-oriented hotels, and budget hotels.

The beachfront hotels near the promenade are known for their massive size and glamour and also for being family-friendly. Most hotels offer theme nights and shows and performances. Family-friendly hotels generally employ entertainers who provide fun for the guests – a wealth of activities and shows at the hotel's club, in the lobby, or the swimming pool.

Almost every hotel features a swimming pool and most hotels serve a buffet-style breakfast. Israeli breakfast buffets tend to be extravagant, offering any number of salads, differently cooked eggs, baked goods, pickled and smoked fish, and lots of items for your sweet tooth. Most deluxe hotels in Eilat have a patio facing either the Red Sea or the red mountains of Eilat and the neighboring Aqaba. Furthermore, many hotels offer ground services and day tours in Eilat and the Arava Valley. At some of the hotels, you'll also find day trip to Petra in Jordan.

The hotels set farther back from the beach generally cater to younger people, couples looking for peace and quiet and romance, and visitors who don't want to sleep where the action is. Vacation apartments marketed to young people and villas suitable to large families and groups may be found close to the promenade and beaches. During the busy summer months and when festivals and other special events take place in the city, most of the vacation rentals and budget hotels are booked by young people coming for Eilat's club scene and parties. But during the rest of the year, it's not hard to find reasonably priced accommodations for families and couples.

Overnighting in Eilat offers tourists from all over the world the chance to enjoy a fantastic seaside resort town with lively nightlife, bountiful restaurants, and enticing beaches, as well as easy access to both Jordan and Egypt, day trips to Petra, Aqaba, Taba, the Blue Hole, and Ras Muhammad. Many visitors choose to go on day trips to Jordan and Egypt and come back to Eilat for a night of fun, drinking and dancing till dawn.