Hundreds of brand name shops, international chains, outlet stores, and market stalls, offering a range of VAT-free clothing, accessories, and items for the home, await you in Israel's vacation capital. Eilat has several very tempting shopping areas offering low prices. Shopaholics are guaranteed to be wowed.

Tens of thousands of Israelis come down to Eilat every year to buy new mobile devices or refresh their wardrobes. The international brand name stores also run excellent sales in the winter, so that you can multiply your savings. The products exempt from VAT in Eilat are any belonging to the following categories: clothing and footwear, sporting goods, housewares, mobile devices, electrical appliances, beauty and other drug store items, child and infant products, and more. Eilat offers several shopping areas where you can buy VAT-free goods:

BIG Eilat Complex is the largest of the shopping centers and a flagship operation of the BIG Shopping Centers chain. The complex, spread over 10,000 square m, has more than 50 shops selling clothing, housewares, electrical appliances, beauty products, and more, as well as outlets of local and international brands. The complex with its 900 parking spaces is located at the city entrance. The complex has outlet stores for international brands such as Nike, American Eagle, Carolina Lemke, Bershka, Footlocker, and more, as well as local chains and many fast food options.

Mul Hayam Mall is located in the heart of the tourist center across from the Red Sea shore at the entrance to the city's famed northern boardwalk. The mall, in operation since 1997, hosts more than 100 shops selling fashion, electrical goods, sports equipment, footwear, food, cosmetics, and more. MAC, Il Makiage, Zara, Timberland, Urbanica, and more run outlets shops there.

The Ice Mall gets its name for the Olympic ice skating rink located on the mall's air conditioned ground floor. All around the central attraction, you can find 150 shops, restaurants, cafés, and children's attractions. The mall, at the edge of the lagoon, opened in 2012. Its unique domed shaped is quite a sight. The complex features more than two dozen attractions for all ages, making it a favorite destination for fun. Here you can find international brands including Tommy Hilfinger, Polo Ralph Lauren, H&M, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Under Armour, and more.

The Eilat Promenade in the northern part of the city is one of the busiest spots in the city, featuring brand-name shops, food carts, and a bazaar area with 60 local market stands where you can buy low-cost jewelry and souvenirs.

The Queen of Sheba Mall is a small, exclusive mall located in the marina under the famed Queen of Sheba Hotel. Spacious and luxurious, the mall hosts some 30 shops selling international and Israeli brands, including Nike, Nespresso, Castro, Golf, Havaianas, and more, as well as several dining options and ice cream parlors. Parking is free.

The marina, extending from the promenade to the Ice Mall, is surrounded by many brand name shops selling clothing and footwear, mobile devices, electrical appliances, cosmetics, etc. A smaller mall, the RED, located on the north side of the marina, hosts local low-cost shops.

Hatemarim Blvd. is the primary shopping and entertainment artery of local Eilat residents. The boulevard is actually the city extension of Rte. 90 by which visitors often reach Eilat and it goes all the way to Sheshet Hayamim Blvd., the city's ring road. Hatemarim Blvd. is home to many restaurants and outlets for Israeli and international brands. Among the leading shops on the street are Hamashir Department Store, Adidas, Shekem Electric, and several drug stores and computer vendors. Throughout the city, there are VAT-free supermarkets and souvenir shops.