A vacation in Eilat is made up of a little bit of everything and every visitor will find something to their liking. The wonderful combination of sea and desert, the cultural and art tours, the range of great restaurants, the lively nightlife, the VAT-free shopping, and the deluxe hotels with their pampering spas – Eilat has it all. In all likelihood, you won't have time to take in all that Israel's vacation capital has to offer in a single visit.

The Red Sea
The Red Sea, the name of the Reed Sea mentioned in the bible in the context of the parting of the sea, is a mecca for visitors from all over the world. Eilat offers a shoreline of 12 km with clean, meticulously maintained beaches, complete with many beach amenities. Many of the city's beaches are handicapped-accessible. Some of the beaches offer water sports for the whole family, including mesmerizing spots for scuba diving and snorkeling where visitors discover breathtaking scenes of the underwater world.

The Wondrous Desert
The Negev Desert, a geographical and tourist area located in the southern part of Israel, marks its southmost tip in Eilat, allowing visitors to enjoy a vast array of desert attractions and activities while staying in town. The wondrous desert provides an opportunity to engage in a range of desert sports as well as following marked walking and hiking routes and climbing up to unique observation points.

VAT-free Shopping
A holiday in Eilat is an opportunity to refill one's wardrobe with clothing and accessories, as well as buy mobile devices, electrical appliances, and more household items. Defined as a Free Trade Zone by Israeli law, shoppers are exempt from paying the country's 17% Value Added Tax, making prices much more attractive than elsewhere in Israel. The city is home to several malls and large shopping centers as well as vending carts and local shops throughout the city and along the promenade, all of which offer discounted prices.

The Nightlife
At night, when the malls and most beaches are closed, the bar and party scene comes to life. When the sun sets on Eilat, the town sheds its relaxed atmosphere and becomes a center of lively nightlife, with bars, pubs, nightclubs, dance bars, and other locations affording visitors the chance to drink alcohol, smoke hookahs, and dance until dawn.

Attractions and Activities
Eilat offers a range of attractions and activities in the water, on land, and in the air – something to suit every age and taste. Tourists can take advantage of the city's developed water sports scene to engage in any one of many activities and facilities suited to the whole family, while the intrepid can try out the more extreme sports on offer. Tours of the cultural and artistic highlights of the city and day drips to the desert to become familiar with must-see sites are there for the asking.

Festivals and Special Events
Visitors who plan on coming to the city can time their visit to any one of the dozens of festivals and special events taking place throughout the year on the shore of the Red Sea. The range of options suitable to all ages is particularly large. Families may come to Eilat at any time during the year and find an event of interest to them. The events take place throughout the city and at the beaches, and include street performances, musical events, dining and drinks, sports, including water sports, art, theater, and more.

Restaurants and Food
Eilat has many restaurants and fast food wagons with something for every taste and wallet. Throughout the city, you'll find the world's finest cuisines represented – from Chinese and Italian restaurants, through hamburger and other fast food joints, to the local falafel and schwarma offerings. The beaches, too, are of culinary interest, as they feature restaurants and snack bars of every kind, while within the city it's possible to feed your late-night cravings after a boozy night on the town. Every year, the city holds its Food Festival, a large-scale event featuring dozens of food carts along the northern promenade where visitors have and opportunity to taste dozens of dishes at reasonable prices.