Want to add that extra something to your next vacation? Throughout the year, Eilat offers myriad festivals and special events, both international and local, open to the public at large, adding much color and culture to Israel's holiday center. No matter when you decided to take a holiday in Eilat, it's highly likely you'll find a large, fun-filled event to add to the experiences Eilat has to offer.

Eilat hosts dozens of international festival featuring world-renowned artists, such as the annual Jazz Festival, as well as local events, including the Teimaniada Festival, dedicated to the culture and culinary arts of the Yemenite community, the Food Festival, and the Beer Festival, featuring live shows by local and international stars, as well as food and drinks carts all along the promenade. Most of the festivals are open-air events, and take place along the promenade, the beaches, and other tourist centers, and are free of charge.

During the winter, from November through April, Eilat holds its Winter Sun Festival, a project bringing together 35 international cultural events and attractions that are open to the public at no cost. The city's comfortable, dry winter weather allows Eilat to hold outdoor events, drawing tourists from all over the world who want to get away from the cold and the damp of winter and enjoy a respite of nonstop warmth and zero rain. The festivals and special events held in Eilat make it obvious how much of a global tourist mecca it is, establishing its status as a lively cultural center and Israel's vacation capital.

If you're planning a vacation in Eilat, we suggest you check the schedule of festivals and special events taking place at the time of your holiday. Vacationing in Eilat during an international event or festival can enhance any holiday at the Red Sea and add to your store of unforgettable experiences.