Every good holiday begins with deciding on your accommodations. This is where you'll be waking up and where you'll return to for a good night's sleep. Israel's vacation capital offers a vast range of accommodations of every kind.

Eilat's hotels vary and are suited to every type of holiday. Some hotels specialize in families, offering kid-friendly accommodations. Others take only adults. There are romantic places perfect for honeymooners, and hotels close to the city center and far from the hustle and bustle of town. No matter what type of accommodations you're looking for, you'll find a selection of places to stay that are just right for you.

Here, we'll try to break down the accommodations based on who is traveling and their budgets:

Eilat hotels are many and varied, running the gamut of stars and price points. On Hotel Row, located on the northeast side of town near the promenade and Red Sea beaches, you can find several deluxe, 5-star hotels offering superb all-inclusive packages. The farther you get away from the beaches, the less expensive hotels become. These tend to be 3- and 4-star institutions, offering full services including breakfast, private bathrooms, a swimming pool, a lobby, and so on. Almost all the hotels in Eilat are walking distance from the beaches and the shopping and entertainment centers.

Family-friendly hotels: Most of the large hotels offer theme nights and performances, and employ entertainers who provide fun for the guests – a wealth of activities and shows at the hotel's club, in the lobby, or swimming pool. Some 5-star hotels offer all-inclusive packages, and have useful facilities such as a children's club, movie house, sports facilities for the whole family, computer and gaming rooms, and ice cream parlors.

Hostels: Hundreds of thousands of backpackers, trekkers, and young people visit the city every year to enjoy the great day trips and lively nightlife, and are eager to find inexpensive accommodations. Those who cannot or don't want to stay in a hotel can choose from a range of hostels: places offering just a place to sleep to places offering breakfast and concierge services.

Camping: The best way to connect with nature and enjoy the magic of the Red Sea is by sleeping out in the open. Several parts of the shoreline are regulated for camping purposes. There, you can pitch your tent right at the waterline for as long as a week. There are also campgrounds very close to the beach where you can park your vehicle. This is probably the best way to save money while visiting Eilat.

Youth hostels: All around the city there are hostels intended for youths and young traveles who prefer to save money by sleeping in shared rooms. Typically, such hostels are equipped with bunk beds, have shared bathrooms, and serve a continental breakfast. Staying in a youth hostel in Eilat makes it possible for travelers and trekkers from all over the world to connect and plan future adventures together.

Glamping: The glamping trend – staying in luxuriously equipped, air conditioned tents – didn't skip Eilat. In recent years, several glamping compounds have opened in different parts of the city offering outdoor accommodations in spacious, air conditioned tents, fully equipped with bathrooms, showers, breakfast, and access to the Red Sea beaches.