Eilat attracts tens of thousands of curious divers and diving enthusiasts every year eager to discover the bountiful underwater kingdom of the Red Sea just off the enchanted Eilat shoreline.

Eilat can hold its own with the top diving sites and most beautiful snorkeling locations anywhere the world. Sites such as Cape Kri (Indonesia), Barracuda, the Blue Hole (Sinai), Yolanda Reef, and more, are reminiscent of Eilat's beaches and what's underneath the water. The relatively comfortable weather throughout the year and the pellucid waters of the Red Sea make the region ideal for divers from all over the world attracted to the mesmerizing beauty of the enchanted underwater kingdom just a stone's throw away from the beach. In fact, you can already glimpse the corals and fish peeking out of the water from the shoreline itself!

One of the best diving spots in Eilat is Coral Beach. The southern shore, about 1.5 km long, is a nature reserve and home to the northernmost coral reef on the planet. Underneath the surface of the water, there is a breathtaking, vivid world, with corals, fish, and other aquatic creatures, awaiting the human visitor. Perfect for diving and snorkeling, the area also lends itself beautifully to underwater photography because of the water's exceptional clarity. A nominal fee is collected for entering the beach. It is necessary to schedule diving ahead of time. It is also possible to arrange the rental of snorkeling equipment, such as face masks, fins, and snorkels.

One recommended diving site in Eilat is the Japanese Gardens, an underwater "zoo" in deep water across from the Underwater Observatory. Visitors reach it by boat. There are two forms of diving: shallow water diving to a maximal depth of 10 m, and deep water diving to a maximal depth of 30 m. Diving is regulated and takes place with guides based on a fixed boat schedule to avoid crowded conditions along the route. A long rope stretches from the anchor to the shallow sea bottom, 15 m down. Divers then turn east towards the slope where it is possible to dive as deep as 30 m. The site, which got its name from the diverse vegetation growing under the water, is ideal for underwater photography. It is also worth checking out the diving route of the Missile Boat site, where it's possible to dive to a depth of 24 m. This dive takes visitors past the Saar-type missile boat Sufa, which was sunk off the shore of Eilat in 1994.

Anyone seeking to snorkel can satisfy the desire for an underwater safari at Three Sisters, a shallow diving spot, with a maximal depth of 7 m, located south of Lighthouse Beach. Snorkelers may enjoy the vast abundance of colorful fish, while divers who go more deeply can, along their diving route, pass fascinating spots such as living coral rocks full of glittering reef fish and glass fish. Not far is the site called the Caves, another spot diving enthusiast mustn't miss. Divers at the site discover an impressive underwater cosmos with coral arcs crossing the reef to create the look of caves. In the past, it was possible to go through the caves, but they are currently closed with nets to protect the reef and preserve life in it.

Furthermore, there are several diving schools offering individual classes as well as courses. Most of these schools are located on Eilat's southern shore and near the Coral Reef, between Village Beach and Princess Beach, the city's southernmost beach. Among the best-known diving clubs in the city are the Aqua Star, Manta, Lucky Divers, and Palamida Center.

Most Eilat beaches, as wells as souvenir shops and carts throughout the city and on the boardwalk, rent and sell snorkeling equipment, including face masks, goggles, snorkels, and fins, so that you may explore the shallow waters of the Red Sea on your own. The best snorkeling beaches are Lighthouse Beach, Princess Beach, and EAPC Beach (also called Katza Beach) along the southern shore, and Kioski Beach, Seagull Beach, and Thai Beach along the northern shore.

Many diving enthusiasts choose to combine overnight accommodations in Eilat with day trips to Sinai for its famous virgin diving sites along the coast. These visitors leave Eilat in the early morning hours and cross the Taba Border Crossing on foot, then travel down to dive at famous sites such as the Blue Hole, Ras al-Galum, Ras a-Shaitan, Castle Zaman, and more. After a day of scuba diving or snorkeling along the Sinai coast, they return to Eilat for the evening to enjoy the city's lively nightlife and its pubs, restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs.