The seashore is mostly used for relaxing and clearing one's head, but the beaches of Eilat are also known as a thriving scene of extreme activities. From 8 to 80, there is an enjoyable extreme sport for each and every one.

Water Sport Activities

Eilat offers many aquatic options suitable to every age and unique to the city in particular and the Red Sea in general. Here are some of the activites you should consider incorporating into your holiday next time you pop over for a Red Sea vacation:

Speedboat rides - Speedboat rides are special for water sports enthusiasts and can be adapted to visitors' personal wishes. The speedboats generally seat groups of up to 14 of all types of people – from youngsters to families. The speedboat can take visitors on a calm cruise of the Red Sea and stop for passengers wanting to swim, scuba dive, or snorkel at the Coral Reef, or whizz off on an extreme, high-speed ride with passengers seated on innertubes that fly over the water's surface. Party cruises, with happy dance music, is another option, as is rental for a romantic sunset cruise for two to see the sun painting the Red Sea in gorgeous hues of red and orange.

Innertubes - an exciting option for groups and families, suitable to children and adults as one. The innertube is a large, inflatable device that is dragged at high speed by a speedboat that accelerates, takes sharp turns, and goes in circles to shake the innertubers into the water. The activity is actually very safe and promises a highly enjoyable experience and many laughs. Innertubing options are available at most if not all of the water sports beaches of Eilat.

SAP – SAP, or stand-up paddleboarding, is based on surfing though suitable to flatter and calmer waters. With SAP, practitioners stand on the surfboard and use a paddle to move. SAP thus incorporates elements of surfing, paddling, and a general water workout, because it requires continuous, strenuous physical effort, which tones the body, burns calories, and builds core muscles.

Paragliding – an extreme sport practised both in the air and on the water. Here, practitioners are harnesses to a glider and take off from a motorboat to a height of 70 m, after which they fly in the air to gain a bird's eye view of the Red Sea and the four countries on its shores: Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. By and by, paragliders float to the surface and the cool, caressing waters of the Red Sea before again taking off for the skies. This enjoyable, fun-filled activity can be done by individuals, couples, and threesomes. The action starts at the commercial marina and also at the Royal Beach Hotel promenade.

"Banana" – The banana is a unique and much-loved Red Sea activity, almost a synonym for "Eilat water sports." The banana is an inflatable, banana-shaped rubber tube that floats on the water and is dragged by a fast motorboat that zigs and zags and swoops all over the surface of the Red Sea. Banana-riding is often used as a team building activity because the team members seated on the banana are required to distribute their weight optimally so that the banana doesn't flip over and make team members fall in the water. The activity is suited to groups and families, including children aged 6 and up. The attraction is available at several beaches in Eilat.

Kitesurfing – Kitesurfing is practised by means of a special kite that harnesses the wind to push the surfer over the surface of the water as s/he occupies a small surfboard. Kitesurfing is an extreme exhibition sport as well. Many kitesurfers take advantage of the wind to go high in the air and perform breathtaking aerial stunts that earn the applause of the audience.

Beaches for Watersports

There and other activities may be found at several of Eilat's beaches on the city's long shoreline and their water sports centers:

Kioski Beach: This beach, located in the center of Eilat, features a restaurant with an extensive menu, charmingly designed seating areas, lawns, and bridges for easy access to the water. In addition, it offers a range of water sports, including banana-riding, kayaking, ski-jetting, motor-boating, and parasailing. The activities are suited to the whole family and run by an experienced, responsible team of water sports experts.

Hananya Beach: This tourist beach is located off the Eilat boardwalk on the northern shore near the marina. Locals know this beach as the home of Eilat water sports, because of the many aquatic attractions accessible from the shore. In addition, the largest water sports club is located right here. There are water activities for the children, such as paddle-boating, kayaking, and inner-tubing, as well as more adult offerings, including ski-jetting, parasailing, and water-skiing. Moreover, Hananya Beach offers holiday cruises on deluxe yachts and self-driven motorboats. Hananya Beach also features a strip for simply lying down on – occasional forways into the water optional – including chaises, beach showers, bathrooms, a volleyball court, and a lifeguard station.

Electric Company Beach (aka Hashmal Beach): This beautiful piece of the shoreline hosts a sailing and water sports club offering an exotic atmosphere and fun water activities across from the Red Sea's turquoise waters. Popular with surfers and thrill-seekers, the beach offers rentals of surfing equipment, jet-skis, sailboats, SAPs, surf-skis, and catamarans. The beach also provides traditional Eilat activities, such as banana-riding, inner-tubing, parasailing, and more. Hashmal Beach is located on Eilat's southern shore next to Mosh's Beach.

Neviot Beach: This attractive beach operates Extreme Water Sports, one of the most popular water sports clubs in the city. The beach features a wide range of aquatic attractions for the whole family. It is handicapped-accessible and the beach amenities are top-notch. Among the leading attractions at Neviot Beach, visitors may find the crazy shark, the ultra-fast Tornado speedboat, pontoons for self-driving, and many other tried and true fun activities, including banana-riding, inner-tubing, paddle-boating, jet-skiing, and parasailing.