A vacation in Eilat is not complete without a visit to the city's main attraction: the beach. It invites you to spend several hours of the day in quiet contemplation of the blue waves lapping the shore or boosting your adrenalin levels with any of the many water sports available, as well as having a lovely meal or snack in front of the water.

Mosh's Beach

The famous beach is run by Eli Benzino and popular singer Mosh Ben-Ari. Together, they have begun an ecological project emphasizing the preservation of the environment. The restaurant there is well-known for its excellence, serving vegan and vegetarian fare. Its dishes are famous throughout the city. The beach is clean and orderly and features many shaded nooks and crannies with hammocks and large gliders. The chill music and sense of calm will transport you to the laid-back beaches of Sinai.

Thai Beach

Thai Beach, as it's called locally, is considered fairly isolated as well as the most beautiful in the city, and is particularly beloved of photographers and Instagrammers. It's the last beach of Eilat's northeast shore, closest to Israel's border with Jordan. The water here is particularly shallow, so that it's possible to "walk on the water." Even far from shore, the water is only knee-high, making it idea for Instagram shots. There is a well-organized stretch for camping and tents along the shoreline.

Kioski Beach

This beach is located on the northwest shore and is known as the leading spot for water sports enthusiasts. In addition to its beach amenities, including a snack bar, bathrooms, showers, awnings, and bridges leading straight to the water, Kioski Beach offers a wealth of cool activities, such as crazysharking, pontooning, paragliding, bananas, and more. Eilat's littoral zone is located at the beach, and during high and low tide it's possible to come across some unique species of fascinating sea creatures.

Coral Beach

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve consists of more than one kilometer of pristine shoreline. It is handicapped-accessible and features various amenities visitors can rent. However, the real attraction lies below the water's surface. The spectacular underwater cosmos of the world's northernmost coral reef is fascinating. This spot is considered Eilat's best location for snorkeling and scuba diving. Divers entering the underwater "zoo" meet an astounding range of colorful fish, aquatic creatures, and corals. Entrance to the beach is for a nominal fee. Visitors may rent snorkeling equipment and also schedule diving instruction before arriving.

Tzion Beach

One of the oldest beaches in the city, located on the northern shore, it is impossible to miss thanks to the red-rock path leading down to it. Next to the water, guests will find parasols, wooden shade structures, chaises, and other beach amenities for the whole family, including a playground for the kids. Happy background music is piped to the beach all day long. The beach also features a restaurant, offering full meals and light snacks and drinks.

Mykonos Beach

The Greek-themed beach and restaurant are located on Eilat's southern shore. It features all the beach amenities – bathrooms, showers, chaises, parasols, etc. – as well as a restaurant offering an authentic Greek menu, including gyros, suvlaki, moussaka, shakshuka, and many fish specials. Throughout the day, joyful Greek music plays in the background, a great accompaniment to the turquoise views of the water. Visitors can also enjoy the sight of kitesurfers from the beach's water sports club taking to the skies, providing an enjoyable show for those with their feet firmly on the ground.

The Electric Company Beach

This beach, on the city's southern shore, is free and open to the public. It's possible to park as close as 20 m from the waterline, making it ideal for spur-of-the-moment visitors looking for a relaxing spot on the water. The beach is dotted with thatched parasols, offering relief from the sun and a South Sea vibe. Although this is not an officially sanctioned beach, there is a water sports club that rents out equipment.

Dolphin Reef

The Dolphin Reef Reserve is one of Eilat's most popular attractions. Visitors to the reef can familiarize themselves with the world of dolphins in their natural habitat. The reef includes a section where dolphins live free. Visitors may swim and dive with the dolphins together with a guide or sit back and relax on the beach where a range of alternative therapies are offered. There is also a botanical garden, café, souvenir shop, and more. Dolphin Reef beach, with it lush greenery, is one of the most beautiful in Eilat. The beach also features a long pier that offers a clear view of the dolphins. There is an entrance fee.

Palm Beach

This is one of Eilat's most famous beaches, drawing tourists from Israel and abroad. The meticulously maintained beach features the rental of chaises and parasols, as well as amenities such as bathrooms, beach showers, and a well-stocked snack bar. The beach also features a bar that often hosts parties and special events. Access to the water is convenient and safe via clearly marked paths. A large parking lot is located at the entrance. At sunset on Fridays, Palm Beach maintains its long tradition of welcoming the Jewish Sabbath by playing music from all over the world.

Lighthouse Beach

This beach, located on the southern shore about 2 km from the border crossing with Egypt, is managed by a rotating cast of local young people, as the beach is in fact an open nature reserve. It offers a large, quiet, relaxing space, and a chill bar, serving alcoholic drinks until the wee hours of the morning. On the other side of the road are two diving clubs that attract many divers. There are stands where visitors can rent equipment and accessories, including snorkels, masks, goggles, inflatable floats, water shoes, and more. The extensive menu features contemporary cuisine, and the beach offers amenities such as bathrooms, showers, chaises, shade awnings, and more.

Princess Beach

The beach near Israel's border with Egypt, the southernmost beach in Eilat and indeed all of Israel, is especially pristine. The beach is not officially sanctioned and features no amenities. Therefore come prepared, as there is no equipment rental on site. On the other hand, the panoramic views of the turquoise water against the mountains of Jordan and Saudi Arabia, on the one side, and the row of palm trees snaking into the red Eilat Mountains, on the other, are breathtaking and exotic. At the southern part of the beach, it's possible to enter the water via two long bridges leading all the way to the deep part of the clear sea.