Yetro Overnight Camping Shaharut

Overnight camping areas open to the public

Yetro overnight camping site is situated in the Eilat Mountains. The campsite is located on the road leading to Shachrut (near Route 1101) and is in close proximity to hiking trails such as Holot Kasui, the Tiger Temple, Ma'ale Zogan Trail, Ma'ale Yetro, Nachal Aya, Mount Ait, the Israel Trail, and the Israel Trail for bicycles that traverse the Shayarot Cliff Reserve. The campsite is surrounded by sand dunes, providing an open environment with limited protection from winds. Staying at the Yetro Campground (Eilat) is open to the general public free of charge, and there is no need for advance coordination to access the site. Within the parking lot, you are welcome to pitch tents and even enjoy bonfires. The parking area is accessible for all types of vehicles.