Varkada Eilat

Kosher Fish Restaurant

Discover Varkada, a seafood gem located at Eilat's PLAY Hotel. Indulge in a range of fresh local and international fish, served with salads and fresh stone oven-baked bread. Try unique dishes including whole fish (bream, bass, grouper) grilled veggies, fish fillets (salmon, bass, and more), and crispy fried fish. Try our Chef's special fish dishes, diverse salads (leafy green, tuna tartare, ceviche, bass-kebab, bream shawarma), and mouthwatering oven-baked pizzas. Embark on a flavorful, kosher culinary journey at Varkada.


Tarshish 12, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sun-Thurs 13:00-24:00