There are many ways to experience Eilat, but without a doubt, the coolest and most exciting way is to dive into the breathtaking underwater world of the Red Sea.

The gulf of Eilat is the most northerly point in the world where corals grow, making it a famous and popular diving site attracting visitors from all over the world.

If you decided to sign up for a diving course with one of Eilat's prestigious diving clubs, you should check about the club's proximity to the beach, the diving sites, and the lodging options offered. Most of the diving clubs in Eilat are located in the southern coastal strip. A lot of parts along the southern coast are known as natural reserve. Some are partly closed, and others completely open to the public, offering breath taking diving sites where you can dive during the day as well as the night.

Diving sites in Eilat

The Tables

Entrance from the southern bridge of the princess beach, going down a coral covered slope. At 3 meter depth you can witness the amazing show of the table corals.

The cave

Entrance from the Lighthouse Beach (in front of "Snuba" diving club). At a depth of 3-5 meters, are a number of caves which are home to many different species of reef fish and wildlife.

The University

entrance from the lighthouse beach (the rocky side facing the buffet). At a depth of up to fifteen meters, you can witness the coral planting experiments of the nearby Marine University.

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve

Entrance from coral beach. The reef is located at a depth of 3 meters, onto to Moses rock at 6 meters and Joshua rock at 8. At a 10 meter you reach the start of a coral wall slope.

The Japanese Gardens

This site can only be reached by boat and in coordination with one of the diving clubs (Please note - Due to high demand must be arranged in advance). This is a coral wall going extremely deep. The recommended maximum depth is 30 meters.

The Mosquito

entrance through aqua sport beach down a steep slope, on the edge of it, can witness a garden of eels which are standing with their tails stuck in the sand. The mosquito is a military ship sunk to serve as an artificial dive site. Recommended maximum depth is 30 meters.

The Navy ship + Paradise

Entrance is 30 meters north of the Village beach. Like the mosquito, a navy ship sunk on purpose. Recommended Maximum Depth is 27 meters. The nearby Paradise is reach with corals and underwater wildlife.

The Canyons

Entrance from Palm (Hadekel) beach. The site consists of 2 spectacular underwater canyons. Recommended maximum depth is 30 meters.

The Sun Boat

Entrance is 280 meters from the Royal beach. This is also an artificial diving site - a sunken ship at about 10 meter depth.

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