Want to remain physically fit while enjoying Israel's most beautiful vistas? Join the thousands of runners and sports enthusiasts from all over the world arriving in the dry, comfortable month of November to run the international Eilat Desert Marathon along one of the most unique routes anywhere on planet Earth. 

The Eilat Desert Marathon takes place at the end of the last week of November when the weather is dry and pleasant – ideal for long-distance running. Some 5,000 runners run one of four distances, competing against one other but mostly against themselves and the clock. The full marathon, a distance of 42.2 km, gets under way at 6 AM from the Sun Bay starting point against the stunning backdrop of the sun rising over the Edom Mountains. Every 3 km, there is a water station (14 in all) located at some of the most beloved tourist sites in the city, such as the Eilat Birding Center, Wadi Netafim, Amram's Pillars, Land of the Lizards, and more, before getting to the finishing gate at the Herods Hotel promenade.

The half-marathon, 21.1 km, begins from the same starting point at 6:30 AM. Half-marathon runners go past through several interesting photogenic locations and down fascinating paths, until rejoining the full marathon route. The last 1.5 km of the race is run facing the Red Sea. The third run, commemorating the late Ilan Levi and Yehonatan Azulai, two young Eilatis who were killed in traffic accidents, consists of a 10-km route. It begins at 6:45 AM and goes past several points along the city's outskirts. The fourth and last run, beginning at 4:30 PM, consist of 5 km and is meant for amateur sports fans. It goes past Wadi Roded and overlooks the Jordanian city of Aqaba.

Along the routes, the organizers set up marked selfie spots at the most beautiful stations on the way. There are also two cheering sections where families can root for their own runners. Each of the four races is also divided into age groups. The routes are clearly marked throughout, and paramedics are stationed all along on the way to assist runners who take ill.

The Eilat Desert Marathon isn't just a sports competition; it is also a sports festival for the entire family. The Eilat Desert Marathon takes place over three fun-filled days. On the first, Exhibition Day, runners receive their kits, and everyone can enjoy fun sports activities for the whole family. The marathon is run on the second day, which is capped by a special post-run party. The last day is entirely dedicated to rest and relaxation along the Red Sea shore, which offers a range of calming activities, such as yoga on the water, gentle stretches in the sea, and more.