The bike is a wonderful way of moving through the city. Not only do you get a workout, you also get to enjoy the magnificant views all around. The Red Sea is the end point of several challenging and beautiful biking trails that start in the endless desert, go through breathtaking wilderness landscapes, and end across the turquoise water. 

Eilat's climate is warm and dry year-round. The weather is typical of deserts. The yearly rainfall is particularly low, averaging a mere 22 mm. In the winter months – November through March – the daytime temperature is 20-25°C, with a very low chance of precipitation. The weather allows visitors to bike along dozens of fascinating desert paths through the Arava Valley to Eilat.

There are bike trails for all biking levels. The longest is a 350-km segment going from the city of Arad in the Negev to Eilat. It is a particularly challenging route and is suited to expert riders, who do the path in five particularly grueling days of biking. Most bikers choose to ride some parts of this segment, especially the parts closest to Eilat.

One of the most popular trails is the one going through Shehoret Canyon and Amram's Pillars. At 26 km, it is of medium difficulty and features astounding rest stops with natural rock formations in a range of colors. Another site considered ideal for bikers is Timna Park, which offers a road trip of several fascinating points of interest along the way and ends at the manmade Timna Lake. For those looking for a shorter route with a reasonable level of difficulty can travel to Wadi Kedar and enjoy a comfortable 3-km long trail ending at the gorgeous "bulbous field," as it is known colloquially – an open field of dozens of gigantic, bulbous, sandstone rocks, among Israel's most unusual natural phenomena.

Riders vacationing in Eilat can also enjoy one of Israel's most beloved biking trails – the Eilat perimeter trail. At a length of 21 km, it starts at the northernmost shore of the Red Sea and passes important Eilat landmarks, including the Eilat Birding Center, Holland Park with Eilat's oasis forest, and the enchanted coral reef, where the trail ends.