Zol Peami Eilat

Store Chain for one-time-use dishes

Zol Peami Eilat, Israel's largest chain for disposable dishes has arrived in Eilat and Big, with 250 meters of a shopping experience is not a one-time purchase. At Zol Peami Eilat you can buy disposable, one-time-use dishes from a selection of plates, cups, large and small bowls, cutlery, baking and more. Simple dishes, colorful and decorated ones for special occasions, from a picnic to the Seder. In addition, at Zol Peami Eilat you can buy cheap disposable aluminum foil and various sizes of plastic and paper table cloths. Zol Peami chain is a Sabbath keeping chain, the chain's prices are for every budget and also holds sales.


Hamasger 1, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sunday - Thursday 9-20 Friday and holiday eves 9-14