Yam Shel Sport Eilat

Red Sea Sports experience

Yam Shel Sport Eilat (Sea of Sport), with our rich experience and professional knowledge you can enjoy water sports. Enjoy flying parachute in the blue sky and touch the clouds. Enjoy ski and surf in the water of the Red Sea. Yam Shel Sport in Eilat, an experience for everyone, at any age, for any group, family or company. Yam Shel Sport Eilat (Sea of Sport) has years of experience and professional knowledge to help you enjoy all the fun water sports Eilat has to offer. Enjoy parasailing over the blue waters until you seem to touch the clouds. You can water ski or surf the waters of the Red Sea with Yam Shel Sport. Yam Shel SPort in Eilat is an experience for all ages and for groups, families, companies or individuals.


Turkiz, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • 09:00 untill sundown