Yakov Pade Eilat

Business counseling, escorting and management.

Yakov Pade (Koby Pade) in an experienced professional (for the past 10 years) in the marketing business, business escorting and management and has a lot of experience in founding businesses. Yakov Pade's clients are businesses in Eilat, from a large range of professions and areas including stores, industry and free professions. Yakov's clients can be divided to four main kinds: 1. Clients which are interested in leveraging their business. 2. Clients that arrive with an idea and wish to open a new business. 3. Clients in financial difficulties with cash flow problems. 4. Professional clients in their field who lack of experience in business management. The services given by Yakov Pade as part of the professional escort: management in front of employees, collection of money, correct business management, negotiation with suppliers, contract sentences, bank loans and Industry and Trade Ministry loans, marketing, budget making, business opening and management in front of banks.


Opening Hours
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