Weight Watchers Eilat

Successful weight loss program

Weight Watchers Eilat is the most successful losing weight program in the country. They can help those who wish to maintain a desirable weight and stay healthy. Matching lifestyle in the country in general and in Eilat in particular. Weight Watchers is a national company that operates some 500 Weight Watchers groups across the country. Within groups the weight watchers receive tools for coping with the desire to eat, get knowledge about the nutritional values ​​of foods we eat and get the support of the experienced instructors and of the group. Eilat has two Weight Watchers groups meet on different days so that you may find a time that suits you. Eilat Weight Watchers will give you the supportive place that will allow you to lose weight in a controlled, balanced and healthy way in Eilat.


Sheshet Hayamim 206, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Fridays 8:30 at Matnas Shachamon, Tuesdays 17-18:30 at Wizo Yerushalyim Hashlema st