Um Rash Rash Eilat

Unveiling Eilat's Historical Tapestry

Discover Um Rash Rash, a site of heritage and history nestled between Mall Ha'Yam Shopping Mall and Kissoski Beach, a testament to Eilat's rich past and captivating narrative. Situated on the remnants of a former British Mandate police station, this site holds the echoes of history. It stands upon the remains of five huts that once composed the northern coast of the bay. Um Rash Rash preserves the memory of this station and its pivotal role in the culmination of Israel's struggle for independence. As you stroll along Um Rash Rash Promenade, let the stories of the past intertwine with the present. Immerse yourself in the significance of this site, where history and progress harmonize, offering you a unique glimpse into the past that shaped the vibrant city we know today.

Hapalmah, Eilat