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The Red Canyon

Fun trip for the whole family

The Red Canyon

About 20 km from Eilat, is one of the most enjoyable tracks in the region - the Red Canyon. The red Nubian Sandstone of the red canyon has been sculpted over many years by water and wind, transforming the Canyon walls, and making this unique site a master piece. Along the track you'll come across handrails and ladders to help you descend easily and safely.

Despite most of the track being inside a shaded river channel, it's important to take a hat and a bottle of water with you. Starting from the parking lot, you will come across two kinds of trail markings - green and black. The green trail will lead you easily into the river channel, to a short, fun route, that spills in the end to a larger channel, called the second creek. The black trail is a bit more difficult. It will lead you climbing to a beautiful viewpoint of the river channel. Note that after the climb you will have to descend down a steep drop, so go down carefully and you will eventually reach the same second creek.

At some point, walking the second creek, you will come across a massive beautiful rock, which seems as if it is bursting from the ground. At this point you can take a break to climb the rock and take some pictures. After that continue following the green trail leading into the Red Canyon. This route keeps getting narrower, revealing the power of nature in all its glory.





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