Mount Yoash observation point

Mount Yoash near Eilat is one of the - must see observation points in the area, only a short 15-minute drive from the city on route 12, in the direction of Mizpe Ramon. At this strategic point you can look south right into Sinai and see the Gulf unfold before you. As well as the new border fence and surrounding mountains such as: the Mount Jehoshaphat, Mount Zefahot, Mount Asa, and on the opposite, the Jordanian range reaching an altitude of 1300 meters.

This strategic point, overlooking Israel, Egypt and Jordan, was, until 1949, a Jordanian outpost overlooking the entire area. At the time, the mountain was called "The Outpost cliff", which during the independence war, made for a serious obstacle in conquering Eilat. During the war the Jordanians cleared the outpost and the IDF took control of it as part of the famous "Operation Ovda".