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Mount Hezekiah observation point

The highest peak in the Eilat area

Mount Hezekiah observation point

Mount Hezekiah is the highest mountain in the region rising to an altitude of 838 meters, which makes the view from it pretty spectacular. From this amazing vantage point you can see the entire area of Eilat and Sinai, Moon Valley and the peaks of the Jebel Al Hamra ridge. On really clear days you can also see four states: south West Egypt, South East Saudi Arabia, East Jordan and Israel.

The mountain was named after King Hezekiah, who ruled the kingdom of Judah, which was in this area. The mountain is made of red granite stone which dominates the area.The viewing platform is surrounded by rocks for safety. On the spot you will find a topographic map which can help you get to know the surrounding mountains.





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