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Flamingo watching in Eilat's salt pools

Watch flamingos in their natural environment

Flamingo watching in Eilat's salt pools

Only a couple of minutes' drive from Eilat's northern coastline, you can enjoy the amazing experience of watching flamingos in their natural environment. For those who don’t know, the flamingo is a large and spectacular bird in shades of pink and orange, with long, slender legs which give it the ability to walk easily in the water. The flamingo has a long neck and beak, which help her pull out her meal from the water. Eilat's salt pool have an abundance of mini crabs and other such foods making it like a large restaurant for these cute pink birds.

The city of Eilat is located in a central location along the bird's migration route from Africa towards Europe and Asia. This is why on the migratory seasons, fall and spring, Eilat is full of amateur and professional ornithologists and photographers from around the world.

While watching the magnificent birds, the site also offers a large shaded picnic area (in front of the northern pool) where you can enjoy a nice family picnic.





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