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Eilat Ornithological Park

Watch birds in a natural environment

Eilat Ornithological Park

This impressive bird-watching park is a well known attraction in the city. The park, which is bustling with birds, is a symbol of eco friendly Eilat.

You probably don't know that Israel is ranked second in the world in bird migration routes. In the spring time billions of birds pass through the Great Rift Valley which is considered a bird "highway, due to it being a straight aerial line connecting Africa to Europe and Asia, without any seas or mountains along the way. The city of Eilat sits directly on the Great Rift Valley.

Migration season officially opens on the 15th of February and lasts until May-June, each bird with its specific migration time. During this period, Eilat Ornithological Park is an attraction for dozens of bird enthusiasts from around the world. There are about 25,000 birds caught each year in Eilat for monitoring purposes. Using a special ring placed on the bird's leg, they track their migration patterns. The capturing of the birds is carried out by professionals using special traps and nets. During the migration period you can even arrange in advance with the park supervisors to watch the capturing up close.

The park also has a small hospital designed to give immediate care to birds that arrive too exhausted and hungry and need to be injected with fluids, and fed manually. Birds that arrive wounded are flown to the safari in Ramat-Gan for treatment.

The park area is green with paths which are easily accessible with a stroller or wheelchair. There is also a beautiful lake in the park where you can sit and watch water birds.





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