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Eilat Doum Palms (gingerbread tree)

The most northerly place this unique species grows

Eilat Doum Palms (gingerbread tree)

A short visit to see this unique species of palm tree can easily fit as part of a one-day family trip near Eilat. This is an especially easy route, suitable for children as well as adults. The red mountain landscape which is spread out before you leading up to the reserve, creats a great natural backdrop, giving the site the ultimate desert feel. You can reach this site easily by vehicle through a gravel road leading straight to the location of the group of doum palms, (also known as gingerbread trees), which is surrounded by fence in order to keep this rare species safe.

This rare palm attracts so much attention due to its unique shape - its trunk, with a girth of up to 90 cm, splits into more trunks, with tufts of large fan shaped leaves at the ends of the branches. This specific location also attracts attention due to it being the most northerly place in the world where these trees grow.





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