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Amram Pillars

Nature's magic is revealed - highly recommended!

Amram Pillars

Within a fifteen minute drive from Eilat, is one of the most beautiful natural resources of the Arava area – the Amram Pillars. This track is easy and fun for the whole family. You can admire nature in all its glory, with the vibrant colors and forms of the Amram Pillars, which only nature can create.

Travel by car through the gravel path until about 2.5 km in, where the road splits into 2 paths. Go right along the green marked trail to go to Shchoret Canyon and left along the blue marked trail to the Amram Pillars.The road up Amram Pillars is about 7km long and is pretty amazing in itself, with beautiful mountains in vibrant colors of pink, green and black, along the way. When getting out of the car, it is highly recommended to take water with you, even though the trail is not that long, this still Eilat and it's hotter than you think. From the driveway, you can already witness the amazing painted arched rocks. Continuing on the black marked trail, you may want to raise your head from time to time and look up at the colorful mountains. When the trail turns left you finally discover the remote Amram Pillars, which are made of naturally sculpted red sandstone with a red hue reminiscent of the landscapes of Timnna Park. This is defiantly a sight you won't soon forget.





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