Timna Park - Geological and Archaeological Park Eilat

Experience the Desert at its Best

Timna Park, situated in the southern Arava region near Eilat, is a captivating blend of geological and archaeological wonders. Located just 20 km north of Eilat on Highway 90 and overseen by the Eilot Regional Council, this park stands as a central hub for geological and archaeological exploration. Here, visitors can delve into an array of mineral-rich rocks, including copper and iron, observe the enduring effects of wind and water on the landscape, and immerse themselves in the history of ancient copper mining. The Park offers a range of trails catering to different preferences, from leisurely strolls to more demanding treks. Among these routes are the Israel Trail leading to the summit of Mount Timna, Spiral Hill Trail leading to the Mushroom formation, the Canyons and Copper Mines Trail, and numerous cycling paths. Alongside these trails, Timna Park boasts captivating sites such as Solomon's Pillars and Hathor's Shrine, remnants of ancient arches and mines, intriguing chariot drawings, distinctive Sculptures, and an engaging Bedouin tent exhibit. Nestled at the heart of the park, a well-equipped camping area welcomes visitors with lodging options, a dairy restaurant, and a serene lake offering an array of supplementary activities. These include paddleboats, the art of crafting colorful sand bottles, invigorating challenges, and more. Throughout the year, the Park hosts exclusive events, lively festivals, and guided tours for those seeking unique experiences.


Opening Hours
  • Sunday to Saturday 08:00 - 16:00