The Erotic Museum Eilat

Gallery and exhibition of erotic art

The Erotic Museum in Eilat is the first museum in Israel of its kind. The Museum, inspired by the famous sex museums in Amsterdam, Barcelona and other places around the world, was established here in Eilat, a tourist city known for its openness and its visitors' artistic curiosity. The Erotic Museum in Eilat seduces its visitors with various art displays: Erotic photo exhibitions of famous photographers, ancient paintings, phallic sculptures and more. The Erotic Museum in Eilat takes pride in enlightening its visitors and sharing knowledge in the field of sex, intimacy and anatomy. In addition, the museum has screenings of the earliest pornographic films of the 20th century, as well as a separate display room dedicated to S&M. The Erotic Museum in Eilat invites you to come and enjoy a unique and thrilling experience, promising to leave you wanting more.


Hatmarim, Eilat