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Tarshish 9 Eilat

A Modern Skewer Grill Restaurant

Tarshish 9 Eilat is located on the ruins of Santa Fe restaurant. Tarshish 9 Eilat Restaurant, as its name implies, a brilliant gem in the midst of the usual grayness of grill restaurants in Israel. The Meat menu based on middle eastern kitchen, gets a professional polishing and modern touches. Remarkable is the "Shesh Al haesh" (Six on the fire)- a portion intended for two hungry people, which includes skewered entrecote, lamb kebab skewer, chicken hearts and two lamb chops. Tarshish 9 Eilat offers a children menu, with simple dishes that children love: burgers and chicken fingers with French fries and salad, and still a word has not yet been said about the wonderful desserts. Tarshish 9 Eilat - Nine on the Eilat City scale, and this is just the beginning.

Contact info

  • 08-6338081
  • 08-633182
  • Tarshish 9, Eilat
  • Dani
  • Front of Caesar Hotel 08-6338180.

What people say?

  1. Recommendation

    Great place to eat for the whole family!

    Ken Hauck (9/7/2012)

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