Sun Bay Beach ׂ(Mifratz Ha'shemesh) Eilat

Eilat's Easternmost shore

Immediately after a series of hotels on the northern coast, there is a little footbridge. After crossing the little bridge you arrive at the last remaining natural beach in Eilat. Pristine and sandy, the beach is not really organized and not very crowded, a quiet gem of an innocent beach. Sun Bay Beach is on the Northern coast of Eilat before the Jordanian border, in the past it was the beach where people would come with tents and caravans and settle down. Over the years the beach became somewhat of a destination for refugees and illegal tent settlements on the waterfront. After the cleaning operation of the municipality of Eilat, in 2005, the coast was organized and was vacated of the various colonists and the beach went back to being a haven of bathers and vacationers. Sun Bay Beach is 350 meters of refuge from the more organized beaches in Eilat, it is located past the Herods Hotel. Sun Bay Beach can be reached by car and is near a large and tidy parking plaza enclosed by huge stones (boulders) and is located approximately 50 meters from the water. The sun Bay beach is not considered a declared beach and therefore has no lifeguards, but is neat and has a number of big straw parasols as protection of the heat of the sun, no beach showers are located there, but there are chemical toilets and a garbage disposal container for which the municipality is responsible. Access to the water is easy but there is no lighting at night, making it a favorite spot for young couples who want to be alone. Immediately upon entrance to the Sun Bay Beach, after the Herods hotel and parallel to the water a walking / biking track has been set up in cooperation with the Municipality of Eilat and the Jewish National Fund. The path starts in the Sun Bay Beach and passes through the Bird Sanctuary Park and the Netherlands Forest(21 km circular route).

Dereh peamei hashalom 35, Eilat