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Sparta 302 Eilat

Eilat's Most Innovative Fitness Centre

Sparta 302 Eilat is one of the country's leading fitness centres, equipped with modern and professional "Hammer" facilities. a huge 500 square meter complex with everything you need for that perfect workout with high services standards and professional trainers!! Bodybuilding, TRX, CrossFit, a proper diet designed to increase muscle mass alongside proper weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Sparta 302 Eilat is named after mythological Greek city "Sparta", famous for its strong and powerful fighters! Sparta 302 strives to bring each person to their maximum strength.

Contact info

  • 077-4364352
  • Hasatat 7, Eilat
  • Website
  • Sunday - Thursday 06:30 - 22:00 Friday 06:30 until one hour before dusk
  • Max Elimelech Centre, Industrial Zone
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