Sole-Tours Eilat

Special experience in Petra and Egypt

Sole Tours Company Eilat offers the city's residents and vacationers to experience a selection of tours to Petra, Egypt, and Sinai, as well as field trips in the mountains of Eilat. Sole Tours Eilat pay close attention to all issues of safety and convenience. The Jeeps available to travelers in Sole-Tours Eilat, are Defender and Land Rover jeeps. These eight passengers jeeps, are covered by a tarp and are equipped with safe and comfortable seating system for field trips. Each Jeep is equipped with drinking water containers, sufficient for nature trips in the desert and mountains. The keyword at Sole-Tours Eilat is suitability to the customer's needs. The Team is able to accommodate a trek for all ages and adjust the guiding language to the cutomer because at Sole-Tours' guides speak: Hebrew, English and Russian.


Moav 6, Eilat

Opening Hours
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