Snuba Eilat

Scuba diving without a license

About a ten minute walk from the border with Egypt is the Southernmost dive club in the country. This is a small place, which is characterized by peace and tranquility. Snuba belongs to the oldest dive clubs in Eilat. It became active starting from 1990, and maintains the atmosphere of intimacy and tenderness. The club has a nostalgic atmosphere of Sinai or of the old city of Eilat, where there was nothing but the blue water line. The club has five staff members, and therefore has a homely and modest character. All dives are performed in the Caves Coast area, rich with fisheries and coral, and is located just across the road. Snuba diving Club specializes in dives performed using an air buoy that stays on a boat above, and allows the snorkeling in the bay's waters without heavy equipment (air tank) to a depth of about 6 meters. Diving using an air buoy is unique to Snuba, and it even allows a group of people to dive together, even without a diving license. Snuba's diving experience is not expensive and amounts to a cost of NIS 200 per person for half an hour under water. You may also do standard dives at Snuba, introduction dives and guided dives at the cost of 220 shekels per person. You can also rent Snorkeling equipment. The Club has showers, toilets and a pleasant seating area with the front facing the sea.


Dereh metsarim, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Every weekday from 09:00 to 17:00