Shipudei Tzipora Eilat

Kosher Israeli Grill

Shipudei Tzipora Eilat is a kosher grill restaurant, which offers a selection of authentic and delicious Israeli dishes. The menu of Shipudei Tzipora Eilat includes a selection of Israeli appetizers such as hummus with toppings, spicy tahini, eggplant and more. In addition, Shipudei Tzipora Eilat prepares appetizing entrees, including fish, a variety of grilled meat and a full menu of skewers. If you finish eating and you still have room for more, you can indulge in excellent desserts from the menu. All dishes in Shipudei Tzipora Eilat are prepared on the spot and made with fresh high quality meat. If you are looking for a place to eat with your family, want to spend some time together in a romantic atmosphere or just want to enjoy Israeli food, Shipudei Tzipora Eilat is the restaurant for you.


Kamen 10, Eilat