Rimonim Beach Eilat

excellent beachfront

Near the South entrance of Rimonim Neptune Hotel in Eilat, and parallel to it's shop promenade, Rimonim Beach stretches along no less than 150 meters. The beach is pleasant, and covered in artificial grass, gardens and vegetation with white waving flags. This is one of Eilat's most tended to and beautiful beaches. The fine sandy beach strip of several meters in width and from which long wide stretches of grass extend, fill the area and make the Rimonim beach a pearl of colors in shades of green. Between the vegetation on the promenade and under huge shades, there are upholstered sitting areas and wood decks that complement the inviting atmosphere. If you are a hotel guest, beach towels await you at the beach. Also, you can order drinks and food from the rich bar also served late at night. The beach has restrooms, showers and neat and a pleasant beach showers. Rimonim Beach belongs to rescue station no 1. There is wheelchair access. Nearest parking is on the Northern front of Rimonim Neptune Hotel Eilat or behind the Pearl Plaza Eilat.

Dereh peamei hashalom 14, Eilat