Pri Artzenu Eilat

Fruit and Vegetables Market

Pri Artzenu Eilat (Fruit of the Land) offers residents of Eilat and the surrounding areas a vast selection of fresh vegetables and fruit. Every week the Pri Artzenu store offers deals of cheap fruits and vegetables. These reductions also apply to a selection of dried fruit in the shop. At Pri Artzenu Eilat, you can also purchase full Virgin "Zeita" olive oil. This high-quality oil is also offered for unprecedented prices in Eilat. The trip to Pri Artzenu is most worthwhile and reduces the household expenses significantly. For the convenience of the clientele the place is open six days a week from early morning until late evening.


Habursekai 1, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sun- Thur: 7:00-17:00' Fri: 7:00-16:00