Prego Pizza Eilat

Italian cuisine and Israeli food

Prego Pizza Eilat invites everyone, residents and visitors alike, to enjoy a delicious freshly baked pizza made with a special Italian sauce that makes this pizza one of the most popular pizzas in the country. At Prego Pizza Eilat, you can also enjoy a selection of dishes from both the Israeli and the Italian cuisine, and at excellent prices. The menu includes various dishes such as pasta, focaccia, salads, potato gratin, homemade quiches, and even jachnun, Ziva, shakshouka and more. In addition, the place offers sweet dessert like Ziva with Nutella chocolate filling, chocolate souffle, malabi, cheesecake, Kadaif and more. If you wish to dine at home, Prego Pizza Eilat offers free delivery services.


Anafa 1, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Open 24 houres a day, closed on Friday, Open Saturday evening.