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Personal Training

Personal Best Eilat, is a personal training institute creating a winning reality. At a place called "Center of life" workshops and courses are executed and conducted leading to the athlete to abundance and fulfillment. At Personal Best in Eilat one can engage in personal training designed to create clarity and allow athletes to remove any obstacle on their way to abundance and fulfillment. People who feel it's time for a significant change in their lives, people who want to advance and fulfill their dream and work at a really good job for them and not a job missing vision and inspiration, are invited to set a meeting appointment with Personal Best Eilat. It is important to note, that because the athlete is active, he acquires the tools to cope with everyday life. These tools, remain with the trainee even after the end of the process and therefore, there is no dependence on the coach, in Eilat. Finished with the process the trainee takes the spiritual tools with them wherever he goes.


Peres 15, Eilat

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  • By Appointment