Papi Eilat

Traditional Argentinian Meat Restaurant

Papi Restaurant (formerly El Gaucho) is an Argentinian meat restaurant in Eilat. Reuven Papi Nachimov and his family run the show, bringing you a culinary experience like no other. They've got a killer selection of steaks and cuts cooked using traditional South American grilling techniques with a modern twist. The meat is grilled over imported palo santo coals from Argentina, giving it that fire-roasted, smoky, and rich wood flavor. Papi Grill Restaurant in Eilat is where you can savor Israeli wagyu beef, lamb ribs (a special breed from Galilee), asado cuts, succulent feedlot ribeye, and top-notch beef directly imported from Argentina and Uruguay.


Haharava, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • 14:00-22:00 Daily