Orionia Eilat

Extreme sailing happiness

Orionia Eilat is one of the most beautiful ships in Israel. This is a Spanish wooden sailboat that was built in the late twenties and was rebuilt again in the nineties, with the best materials, while maintaining the authentic design of the special boat. Orionia Eilat's magical cruises take about four hours, during which you can relax at the shaded decks and enjoy the soft music, good food, exciting tour guiding from the skipper, and of course, the changing scenery of Eilat and its beaches. When Orionia Eilat stops and anchors, you can swim, go snorkeling and admire the underwater life of the Gulf of Eilat. Additionally, Orionia Eilat offers vacationers in Eilat sunset cruises, cruises to the coral island, private cruises, family celebrations and corporate events. Orionia Eilat's crew are open to the client's suggestions. Yuo can enrich the cruise with a variety of fun activities, such as massages, therapies, workshops and more.


Hamaim 1, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • By appointment.