Mezach (Pier) Beach Restaurant Eilat

Mediterranean Cuisine

Formerly known for many years as Village Beach, on the south coast in Eilat, the Mezach (Pier) Beach Restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Sit inside and enjoy the air-conditioning or opt to sit on the beach under a parasol...whatever you choose, enjoyment is guaranteed! The restaurant's rich and varied menu includes breakfast, falafel, salads, hummus, salads, schnitzel/fish and chips, burgers, and grilled meat. Enjoy a variety of refreshing fruit smoothies, cold watermelon, beer, and alcohol, all at affordable prices...and accompanied by great vibes! The beach offers chairs, sunbeds, toilets and showers, a sunbathing raft on the water free of charge, and access for the disabled to the water's edge. Events for up to 1000 people are available, contact us for more info!


Dereh metsarim, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • 09:00 till the last customers - daily