McDonald's (Ice Mall) Eilat

Fast, healthy and delicious food

McDonald's Eilat is a restaurant that needs no introduction. The American fast food chain is the largest fast food chain in the world, with nearly 200 branches in Israel alone. McDonald's Eilat offers a selection of popular meals, adapted for the Israeli palate. The McDonald's menu includes a variety of classical dishes, such as the famous burger served with special sauces. In addition to beef, you will find fish and chicken dishes, various types of fries, special salads, vegetarian options and more. McDonald's Eilat also offers hot and cold drinks and desserts, making your meal both enjoyable and satisfactory. McDonald's Eilat caters to both adults and children: In addition to delicious and nutritious meals, children are given special surprises and toys, an inseparable part of the family experience at McDonald's.


Kampen 8, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Open all week 09:30-24:00