Mall Hayam mall Eilat

The largest mall in Eilat

Mall Hayam in Eilat is the most profitable mall in the country. The mall offers a diverse and inexpensive shopping experience due to Eilat's status as a Free Trade Area. The mall is accessible for the disabled, has an underground parking lot and about 90 shops selling a variety of clothes, electrical, accessories, jewelry, sport, footwear, food and more. Also, on each floor of the mall you will find an ATM. Toilets and changing posts are located on the middle floor. The mall has four possible entries: the first is through the promenade, the second is through Cafe Joe, the third is the main gate in front of the external car park and access and the fourth is at the lower level for those parking in the underground parking lot.


Hapalmah 1, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • 09:00-23:00 Sun-Wed sat and Thu 09:00-00:00 Fri 09:00-18:00